Cutant Mutant Invasion


Cutant Mutant Invasion has been released now. Please visit Apple App store to download and test the free version of the game. Android version has now also been released on the Android app store Google Play. Download now!

If you are imaginative,  love fun, mobile games and animals, here is the game for you. Cutant Mutant Invasion is a very addictive strategy mobile game that has been developed for  smart phones and tabs including IOS (Iphone and Ipad) and Android based phones (Samsung Galaxy1,2 ,3, 4, Galaxy tabs, Kindle, Nook book and htc). This game is being launched by flipwaretech team and is available on selective Apple App stores.   Cutant Mutant stands out in the crowd of similar games by offering a unique combination of tower defense and line draw. The game is about a group of animals that have mutated a result of some weird experiments in the local Biotech Lab.  Some of these animals are friendly towards humans while others are a vicious bunch that is determined to destroy the human bases. Friendly Mutants like Snails, spiders and bats are useful weapon to protect human bases the farm houses.  If these animals are used with a winning strategy at right places, they can help you win the war against the enemy Cutant Mutants.

Cutant Mutant Invasion provides a very engaging experience for the game players by mixing two different genres.  Clever graphics provide the familiar background of a back garden.The animals are although mutated but are still cute. There is a battle going on for the control of farm house territories in this action packed game. Click to watch the video demo of the game